Ida Ripley

Ida is a 5X Western Canadian Hatha Yoga Champion. She has practiced 26x2 yoga for over 15 years and has presented at the professional level as the first Bikram sanctioned Canadian yogi to lead workshops and seminars worldwide.

Since 2003 Ida has been teaching full time, in several countries around the globe, and has been teaching in-depth workshops and seminars since 2009. Ida is one of THE pre-eminent 26x2 yoga instructors in the world. Her goal is to provide a no nonsense yoga education and mold poised & podium ready teachers in 8 weeks.
She is the lead instructor, kinesiology instructor, co-anatomy instructor & posture coach for the Original Hot Yoga Academy.

Aaron Thomas

Aaron served onboard the USS Abraham Lincoln as an Electronics Technician in the United States Navy during the Persian Gulf war. After his military service, he opened and managed a successful mortgage company in San Francisco, CA, appearing as the Bay Area Mortgage Expert on KRON Channel 4 and wrote a newspaper column under the byline ‘Ask the Expert’ for the Oakland Tribune. He was selected & hired by large scale mortgage firms to train all their incoming agents. His yoga journey began, as many do, with an injury. Upon the recommendation from his physical therapist he began a weekly yoga practice after a serious mountain biking injury. He often says, “Frog pose saved my life”. Since then, he has focused his analytical, scientific, & vocational expertise on yoga, more specifically to the original 26x2 hot yoga sequence.
He has worked with all the top researchers working in the field today and has created a one-of-a-kind curriculum for teacher trainees that is unmatched in the industry. His goal is to provide a full educational experience and mold poised & podium ready teachers in 8 weeks. He is the school administrator, physiology instructor, co-anatomy instructor & memorization coach for the Original Hot Yoga Academy.