The 5 questions you must ask before signing up for any original hot yoga teacher training

1. How many people have taken your training?

If this is someone’s first training, that should be part of your decision. Just because someone has been doing yoga or even teaching yoga for years doesn’t mean they are good at making quality yoga teachers.  Think of your favorite song. You’ve sung it a million times in the shower, right?. But if I asked you to pick up a guitar, get on stage in front of 50,000 people and play it correctly…could you do it? Doing and even teaching yoga ARE NOT the same thing as training people to teach yoga. There is a very specific set of skills that are necessary for this job. That is what we focus on. We have trained hundreds of students.

2. How many people have graduated from your training?

How do you know the training you’re looking into is worth your time & money? What are the tangible results? If this isn’t their first training, then tangible results should be successful graduates currently teaching. The proof should be in the proverbial pudding. Ask if you can contact successful graduates of their program that are currently teaching and ask them their thoughts. Remember, this is a large time & financial commitment. If you’re looking to be a great teacher, this is an important question to have answered. We’ve graduated almost one hundred students in the last four years. All of our graduates can be seen on our Graduates Page.

3. How many of those graduates are currently teaching?

Unless there are people that have indeed taken this training, that can speak as to its effectiveness, then you’re essentially flipping a coin. Maybe it’ll be good…maybe it won’t. The training might end up being what we call a ‘copycat’. Most studios use the old antiquated structure, the one that didn’t produce an abundance of good teachers right out of training, because it lacked focus on important teaching aptitudes. Little to no educational principles were applied. They do it this way because “It’s always been done this way”.  Never a great reason to keep doing the same thing over and over. If you want to be a great teacher right out of training, then a the copycat isn’t where its at. Also, beware of trainings that try to cram many hours over weekends. Studies have shown information retention in this environment is as little as 5%. Most of our graduates are currently working in studios across North America & soon Europe & Australia.

4. If it was your studio training, how many did you hire?

If they aren’t hirable in their OWN studio, how confident would you be applying to another? There have been studios, with more than 30+ people taking their training, without hiring a single one. We recommend approaching studios that host an annual training with caution. Our graduates wow owners because they never see people come back from training so good. You can view any of our graduates last class taught in training.

5. What assurance do have that I will be able to teach a 90 minute class on time upon completing your program?

This is the real question isn’t it? If you can’t teach the class by the end of training you didn’t go to training. You went on an expensive retreat. Whether you knew it or not. Most  trainings don’t have a performance expectation. You being able to teach the class by the end of training isn’t the main focus. Imagine going to refrigerator repair school and at graduation you couldn’t repair a refrigerator. How would you feel? The last thing you want is to have the training end and you cant teach the yoga. We’ve seen it happen. Don’t let that be you. All of our graduates can teach a 90 minute 26&2 class well, and on time. They are knowledgeable, dependable & hirable. Interested? Contact us today.


Yes, I want to be a great teacher right out of training?    Our results speak for themselves. Check out our graduates.