Why online learning is SUPERIOR to face-to-face learning.

As the gold standard for 26×2 hot yoga teacher trainings around the world, we never thought that we would be afforded the opportunity to provide our unique training course online. As necessity being the mother of invention, rapid advancements in technology, and the global pandemic shuttering yoga studios everywhere, the online learning platform is clearly standing out as the superior option in many important ways.

Before we can delve in to those benefits, let’s first look at what the online program offers. Our online learning platform uses a combination of: audio & video course pre-recorded lectures, workbook & reading modules, quizzes, homework & various assignments. Our interactive features allow for daily social interaction between trainees & instructors, through our daily live video group conference classes, daily group & individual posture workshops, and virtual Q&A sessions.

Trainees have unfettered, 24/7 access to our entire course curriculum, our online video library, all workbook & individual posture tutorials, as well as our online reference library. Didn’t catch something in one of the video courses? Watch it again. Want to read one of the books on our recommended reading list? The library is always open. Missed something during your individual posture workshop? Play back the recording. Everything is always at your fingertips.


Our online certification program is more flexible, aimed at those who work at home, or are still working either part-time or full-time. No more leaving home for 9 weeks and foregoing income for that time. You can watch video lecturers on-the-go, instead of in-class assignments which can be stressful for some as they need more time to process new material. Our online course allows you to complete assignments at your own pace. We offer a flexible schedule, meaning you can finish a particular module on your own time. If you’re a quick learner or are working towards a goal, you can complete your course within your own timeframe, compared to face-to-face learning environments where everyone is on the same schedule. This is the ideal environment for an individual mentorship.


With our online courses you also don’t need to spend precious time commuting back and forth to a physical location. We have calculated, that the average attendee, when factoring in, morning preparation, commute times & lunch arrangements, will save as many as 80 hours during the entire time they spend with us. 80 hours. This is valuable time you can spend: learning, practicing, reciting dialogue, working on posture drills & honing your oration skills.


You can attend our program from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to fly several thousand miles away or to a foreign land. No costly air travel, no travel visas, no extended hotel trips, (which can match or even exceed the cost of the training. Most trainings that offer accommodations spend upwards of 80% of YOUR tuition money on housing costs) no last minute AirBnB cancellations & no leaving your family to their own devices while you are away. No living out of a suitcase overflowing with smelly yoga clothes. There is no measurable or inherent benefit based on where you are physically located when you learn this material.


Online learning is becoming incredibly popular. One of the reasons is because online learning improves self-discipline and self-motivation skills. The quicker you learn and develop these skills, the better it will be when you enter the workplace. In the real world, you will be required to manage your time efficiently and be self-motivated to complete tasks and projects.

Every individual is a different type of learner and personality plays a role too. The social element in face-to-face learning environments can be difficult for some, impairing their ability to focus in class. During online classes you can take the time to construct thoughts, craft an argument and then present it, either privately or publicly.


An underestimated, and often overlooked, but none the less real problem with face-to-face learning in a host studio, is interfering with the daily operation of the studio itself. The studio clients are, and as they should be, the main focus of the business, and anything that may interfere with that client’s experience can be detrimental to the business. Needing the hot room before everyone has exited because of time constraints, being shuffled from room to hallway, hallway to lobby, back in to hot room, back in to hallway to avoid interfering with the existing studio class schedule can be hindering & become bothersome for both owners, trainees & clients. Most studios aren’t designed to have two large groups performing two separate & conflicting events both running at the same time. Outsourcing the classroom to the online platform alleviates this concern for all parties involved.  The greatest & best use for the studio is taking class. No one learns biology or history in the school’s gymnasium.

In summary, the online platform provides many significant advantages over face-to-face training, including: flexibility in scheduling, unfettered access to the course curriculum,  saving large amounts of time for both you and your family, thousands of dollars in unnecessary travel & lodging expenses, helping develop self-motivation & discipline skills, and providing you with a hassle-free learning environment. It is clearly the superior choice for your 26&2 hot yoga education.

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